What factors contribute to Turkey’s excellence as an apparel sourcing destination for Europe?

In 2020, the Turkish textile industry has gained significant importance as one of the largest textiles and clothing producing countries in the world, and the 6th most significant supplier globally and the 3rd largest supplier to the EU. This industry plays a crucial role in the European and North American textile trade, employing over one million people in the textile and ready-to-wear sub-sectors. This number is expected to rise due to increased investments and exports.

According to the Turkish trade minister, the country exported around $17.7 billion worth of ready-to-wear products in 2019. With China experiencing production delays due to the pandemic, Turkish manufacturers see a significant opportunity to expand their market share.

In recent years, Turkey has become a prominent sourcing location for Europe. The fashion industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy, with textiles accounting for the largest share of 18.5% of total goods exported. Despite political disruptions, Turkey remains a leader in supplying apparel to Britain and a central market for several UK fashion brands and traders.

Turkish companies offer high-quality garments and can provide frequent deliveries at short notice. Additionally, Turkey has a well-developed supply chain, providing buyers with easy access to various fabrics, embroidery, and garment maintenance services. With an efficient workforce capable of producing a diverse range of fabrics and finishes, Turkey remains globally recognized for its fashionable textiles and clothing manufacturing industry.