Atakent Mah, 221 Sk. A Blok Office - 34307 Istanbul / Turkey
We are a prominent player in apparel manufacturing industry in Turkey.
The company was founded by experts with years of experience in supply chain management, exporting ready-made garments, manufacturing and consulting for suppliers and customers!
Of Experience
Supply Chain Management

In every phase of the supply chain, from raw material supply to final shipment, we actively participate in bringing our clients the ideal supplier and product. A wide range of garments is available from our company, including jerseys, knitwear,  woven and outerwear. Several of our suppliers have specialized in different products and have different expertise, which is the reason for our extensive supplier portfolio.

Product Development
We regularly provide updates to our clients about the latest design trends we are following. The services and products prepared are tailored to the specific requirements and characteristics of each client.

Prototypes & Sampling
For every product group we represent, our garment technologist team monitors the quality and consistency of prototypes and pre-production samples, in addition to ensuring that all client-specific requests and standards are transferred onto our products.
Operational Management
All of the operations related to product quality and lead time are handled by our team, including critical path management, raw material and production planning.
Production and Sourcing
Our job is to find the most suitable supplier and service provider for the styles selected by our clients for production.

made in turkey
Textile Solutions

Turkey is located at the very center of major buying areas of Eurasia, offering raw materials from both domestic and international sources at competitive prices.

There are four key parameters in the fashion industry that Turkey possesses in a unique way: quality, flexibility, competitiveness, and speed. All garment manufacturing centers around the world today fall short of offering a perfect balance of all these criteria, except Turkey.

The versatility of our portfolio enables us to also manage supply chain risks for the protection of our clients’ interests.

Why choose our
Quality Control Testing

As part of the quality control process, our products go through specified checkpoints where they undergo different tests.

Quick Response

Our business is time-sensitive, and we always respond quickly to your inquiries.


As we are conscious of the challenges our planet face, we follow sustainable practices.

Providing excellent service to our customers is our primary goal!

…We are Voyagers of fashion!

Creating value for customers is our vision, and we are constantly evolving our way of working.
We continuously serve our customers by utilizing our market knowledge, many years of experience, and ability to adapt to new technologies to respond quickly to shifting market, production trends and consumer preferences.

In the supply chain, we identify and reach the most relevant players.

The concept behind our business is to manufacture fashion at a fair price with the highest quality.
We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, working closely with our customers and business partners in order to make a positive impact on the supply chain in every way possible.