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Our Professionals
Client satisfaction and sustainable success depend on qualified teams. Voyager’s entire team shares this vision.

Taking inspiration from the street, visiting shows, reading fashion magazines, and spending time on the road, our design team tackles the season’s color palettes, patterns, and prints. Trends in fabrics, colors, and shapes are updated from them as well as emerging fashion trends.

By working with merchandisers, designers choose fabrics, trims, fasteners, and embellishments that meet the needs of clients.

Clients’ specific needs and characteristics are addressed through these works and offerings.

It is important for a manufacturer to maintain good relations with its partners in order to increase revenues. Merchandisers are responsible for ensuring the strength of these relationships.

Merchandisers at Voyager are deeply passionate about developing products and understand the unique features that make a product shine in an ever-changing market, such as the apparel industry. Merchandisers have a variety of responsibilities related to planning, negotiating, coordinating and evaluating, just to name a few.

As a result, each garment can be traced and customers & suppliers are kept in close contact. They always ensure that each and every piece is optimized to meet high standards of premium quality. We remain up-to-date with the latest merchandise trends and best practices in our merchandise department.


Apparel Experts are responsible for ensuring that garments are made correctly to fit and perform properly.

The primary responsibility of this position is to work closely with designers, pattern cutters, and production team as well as to support general purchasing during all stages of product development, from design to production. Their responsibilities include providing advice on fabrics, suggesting changes to designs, ensuring items meet budgets, and ensuring garment construction methods are used correctly.

We have experienced Quality Inspectors on hand to check the quality of all incoming and outgoing material, in-process productions, and finished products as a part of our production processes. They each hold a commitment to quality in Voyager’s business and are detail-oriented individuals.

Knowledge and understanding of quality standards is fundamental to Voyager’s success. With flawless materials and well-functioning equipment, we seek to ensure that our products are of high quality. As a result, our customers will have access to high-quality merchandise, which in turn will lead to long-term success.