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Supply Chain Management


We aim to bring together the right supplier and product for our clients. Throughout the supply chain management process, from raw material delivery to the final shipment, we play an active role. Among our wide product range are jerseys, knitwear, wovens, outerwear, and denim.
We have an impressive portfolio of suppliers, each skilled in different products and offering a range of expertise.

To sum up, we offer clients a system that allows them to feed their entire collection from a single source.

Product Development

We keep up with the latest trends and provide our clients with regular updates.

  • All the work that we prepare is tailored to the individual requirements and characteristics of our clients.
  • Among the services we offer are fabric, yarn, and trim scooping, Mood Boards, Trend Boards, Sketches, as well as preparation of specific collections.

We are responsible for finding the most suitable supplier and service partner for the styles chosen by clients for production.

Prototypes & Sampling

From the original design to the final delivery of the product, we offer technical support in all phases.

As part of the garment technology team in our organization, the team monitors;

  • prototypes,
  • sales samples,
  • pre-production samples,
  • and pilot productions


to ensure that clients’ specifications, standards, and requests are reflected in the final product.

In later stages of the production, quality control staff makes detailed inspections of various steps and ensures that standards previously set are followed.

Operational Management

Qualified products are a mix of qualified raw materials, qualified workmanship, as well as qualified services and logistics. As a result, we provide extensive support to our clients and suppliers throughout the supply chain. 

In addition to critical path management and raw materials planning, our team also handles;

  • production planning,
  • quality assurance,
  • and other operational concerns.
Production and Sourcing

Our job is to find the most suitable supplier and service provider for the styles selected by our clients for production.

  • Every supplier is thoroughly inspected by us.
  • Our suppliers are followed up on a daily basis.
  • To guarantee the quality of your product, we monitor production and sort out defects.
  • Our daily production updates keep you aware of what’s going on.
  • Detecting and resolving quality issues on time is one of our strengths.
  • Our team of quality control and production experts makes sure that our customers’ orders are shipped on time.